Right now all over the country people have started the New Year with resolutions to be more mindful, to lose ten pounds, to do dry January, to be more, do more and most of all, to be a better version of themselves. About 40% of Americans participate in forming New Year’s resolutions these days, but a mere 8% percent manage to keep them throughout the year; the reason for this is that the resolutions that are formed are usually a little too unrealistic to keep.

Today’s guest has never been a part of the 8% percent who stick to their resolutions. In fact, she has very strong feelings about resolutions and this year has pledged not to make them at all. She lives in one of the coolest cities in the world, New York, where she moved there from Texas in 2015 to embark upon her new sober life. She writes about yoga, music, sex, and politics. Joining us all the way from Texas today is sobriety recovery blogger Tawny Lara of Sobriety Party.

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