Matt grew up in a fear-filled home, and for years he took this fear with him wherever he went. It was this fear that held him back from pursuing a football career and ultimately from dealing with his addiction head-on, and it almost kept him from sticking around the NA meetings that subsequently saved his life.

When he finally decided to choose recovery, he was living alone in his car on a diet of Sunny D and peanut butter sandwiches, kicked out after his girlfriend at the time found out he had kept on using. He wasn’t allowed to see his daughter, his girlfriend at the time, and now he was homeless. He had lost everything. But the universe was about to give him a chance to fight for it all back.

And fight he did. Now he’s got over 21 years under his belt.

Now Matt loves to surf, has a not-so-secret affinity for Marvel movies, and at his, job he gets to help people every day who are struggling with addiction.

Matt joined us on the podcast to share his incredible story, how he conquered his fears and how every day he fights to break the cycle of addiction and abuse for himself and his daughter.

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