This morning we announced to the whole world (i.e., the world wide web) that we have now fully launched our podcast, TDH Voice. But you know that because you’re already here.

Officially, it’s been about six weeks since we kicked off our first episode with none other than Tawny Lara of SobrieTea Party (which was freaking awesome, by the way). We wanted to wait until we had gotten into a good flow with creating the episodes, securing fantastic guest hosts, and distribution. And we wanted to make sure we knew who we were talking to and how we could genuinely be of service to the recovery community at large.

We created this podcast because, yes it’s fun, but we wanted to create a platform where people from all walks of life could tell their stories. Tons of recovery podcasts strictly share recovery stories, and there are power and value in that, but we wanted to bring something more to the table. More from the other sides of addiction like law enforcement, community organizations, politics, recovery advocates, and most notably, the friends and family who are also affected by substance abuse.

The podcast has had a terrific response thus far, and we are so grateful for that. Not only are we having fun but we are helping all of our listeners connect with something that could potentially help them out of dangerous situations, work through issues they may be having either personally or with loved ones, or at best we’re passing on the message of recovery and that it’s 100% possible.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We are excited to see how this little podcast can grow in 2018.

If you’re new here, please check out our episode list and subscribe to be informed as soon as a new episode drops. Our plan right now is bi-monthly on the first and last Wednesday of the month, but we are looking forward to bringing you more over the next few months. You can find TDH Voice on iTunes, Pocket Casts, Spreaker, our website, or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts.

If you are unaware of how you came to be on this website, home of the newest and coolest podcast about addiction and recovery, here is the link to the press release.

Catch the latest episodes of TDH Voice here.


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