The most refreshing new recovery and addiction podcast that inspires and informs. We talk news, trends, and stats but we also chat with celebrities and influencers to help encourage you to live your best life in recovery.

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Meet Your Hosts

Lindsey Whittaker

Co-host and Writer

As a child of alcoholism, Lindsey grew up wanting to help people struggling with and touched by the struggles of addiction. Using her talents for writing and content creation, she has created a myriad of resources to help save lives and give hope to those in need.

Deb Kavis

Co-host and Researcher

Deb Kavis has a passion for writing that is only matched by her efforts to reach out, help others, and make the world a better place. Having seen family members go through the process of rehab, Deb gained an insight into the world of addiction, recovery and sobriety. Naturally, this inspired her desire to learn more and find out ways to help those in need.

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